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All music and arrangements by Christian Ravaglioli

How2make Records 

  1. Fine

  2. Diffuso

  3. Manto 

  4. Strato

  5. Derivato 

Solo recorded album by Christian Ravaglioli during the Pandemic of 2020.
Christian Ravaglioli, graduated in Oboe and Piano, experiments with an acoustic album,
only for wind instruments, without artificial elaboration. Obviously with overdubs. A breath of air for modern and ancient instruments of various traditions. The organ pipes, disassembled from the original organ, are played like a wind instrument, creating an infinite number of musical nuances, and especially in the album in the use of low sounds. The rhythmic parts are entrusted to the keys of the instruments used


Christian Ravaglioli: Oboe, Clarinet bass, English horn, Shanai, Sax alto, Peruvian flute, Duduk, Chalumeau, Organ pipes


Recorded at Minghet Studio (Italy) during 2020

Artistic direction by Enrico Montanari 

Mixed by Thomas Piscaglia 

Photo album by Jon Jost

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