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Album titles : KEEP OUT

by Christian Ravaglioli & Jon Jost 


1) Cavalco
2) You Never Knew Me
3) Acufene Custode
4) I Wouldn't Know
5) 5 of Spades
6) Ring On Her Finger (feat. Antonio Gramentieri)*
7) Loop-De-Loop
8) Tacco
9) Fixing to Die 
10) Ablaze, Orion
11) Nerve like a Gum
12) If You Don't Have a Friend
13) The Cigarettes of Life
14) Nervi
15) There's Many Friends
16) Giro di sfera


All songs written and composed by Christian Ravaglioli & Jon Jost

Christian Ravaglioli: pianoforte, accordeon, Hammond organ, bass clarinet, percussions

Jon Jost: voice and guitar

Arrangements and artistic direction by Christian Ravaglioli

All song recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Minghet Sudio by Christian Ravaglioli


* Feat. Antonio Gramentieri (Ring On Her Finger)


Photo album by Jon Jost


Produced by Christian Ravaglioli

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